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Representing the "S" in PTSO


Senior Student Representative

Angela is a Senior Student Representative this year. Angela believes that student involvement is extremely important to making a difference in the schooling experience. In her words, “Who better to understand some of the challenges that the students face than those students themselves?” She is excited to learn how event planning unfolds and the challenges that come with it. Angela has already been busy representing the PTSO at the Best Buddies Trick or Treat and announcing at the Trivia Night. We are so excited to have her as a Student Rep and know she will make such a positive impact on our school!Use this space to write a brief description of what this team member does. You can include relevant degrees, experience or other special qualifications they may have.



Senior Student Representative

Alex is one of our Senior Student Representatives. He is a great representation of MJHS School Spirit! Alex has many ideas and come up with some creative, original designs for School Spirit Wear. He also designed the New Flags you might notice hanging around the school. In addition to working with the PTSO, Alex stays busy with Band, FFA, National Honor’s Society, Science National Honor’s Society and Student Council. We are so glad to have Alex representing MJHS students on our PTSO this year!

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Junior Student Representative

Shannon is our Junior Representative this year. Shannon has lots of PTSO experience from years of volunteering when her mom worked on boards while she was growing up. Shannon knows that it is important for the organization to know what students need and how to support them. She believes that students can help do more than anyone! Shannon is excited to be involved with the PTSO because it is giving her a new way to be involved in MJHS. Shannon also works on the Yearbook staff as an Equipment Manager. She is a great during events and for gathering and spreading information to and from the board. Shannon is a fantastic asset to our Board!



Sophomore Student Representative

Jordan is one of our Sophomore Student Representatives. Jordan is the perfect fit for being a representative! She is an extrovert who loves getting others involved and bringing groups together. She is loving this opportunity to represent her classmates and help make the school accepted by the whole student body. Jordan has lots of ideas for upcoming year and has already been participating in PTSO events by emceeing at our Trivia Night. She is also involved in LOVE choir and Theatre and will be in the upcoming play, “Diary of Anne Frank.” Jordan’s enthusiasm is contagious and gives us all a boost, we are thrilled to have her representing students to the PTSO!

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Sophomore Student Representative

Wren is also representing Sophomores this year on the PTSO Board. She has volunteered with the PTSO several times at events like Trivia Night and we are so glad that she is now officially a Student Rep! Wren wants to make sure that the PTSO hears multiple opinions from students in order help build our Student Enrichment goals. Wren is also on the Newspaper and is a Copy Editor and Equipment Manager with the Yearbook. When asked what would make her a good representative of her fellow classmates Wren joked, “I’m super cool, nice, fun and get along with people.”  Well we couldn’t agree more and are proud to have her as part of our Board!

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