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An Easy Way to Donate

Did you know that you can donate to MJHS PTSO every time you shop on Amazon?!

As the school year has kicked off, the PTSO has been busy providing breakfast for teachers and stocking the nurse with snacks and waters. Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up and we will get dinner for the teachers that day since they will be working late meeting with parents. In October, we'll make sure our Sophomores and Juniors have lots of snacks to help keep their brains sharp when taking their PSATs and ACTs!

These are just a few of the ways the PTSO supports students and teachers throughout the year but all those yummy meals and snacks cost money. One of the simplest ways you can give to the PTSO is through what we call Passive Fundraising because you don't have to sell anything. It's so easy! After you go to Amazon Smile to set up your account money is automatically donated every time you make a purchase! Just follow the instructions below and start donating today.

Message us if you have any questions!

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